IC14 Hybrid Working Readiness

December 2021


IC13 Strategies for Integrated Collaboration Platforms

July 2021


IC12 Knowledge Base for the Ditigal Workplace

November 2020


IC11 Enterprise Collaboration – The Next Generation

April 2020


IC10 Community Management in Enterprise Collaboration Systems

April 2019


IC9 Benefits Realisation Management & Social Collaboration Analytics

October 2018


IC8 Future Digital Workplace

April 2018


  • Lecture on the challenges and findings of adopting ECS ​​in international companies
  • Summary of drivers, barriers, motivation & painpoints of participating companies and their representatives
  • Presentation & interactive workshop on Digital Workplace Design

IC7 Social Process Mining

September 2017


  • Lectures on the topics of works council (German: “Betriebsrat”) & GDPR and the transformation of digital work
  • Demonstration of the Social Content Dashboard made by CEIR
  • Presentation & interactive workshop on Use Cases and Social Process Mining
  • Presentation & interactive workshop on the development of a holistic digital workplace for everyone

IC6 Information Integration & Socio-Technical Change

April 2017


  • Presentation & interactive workshops on information integration
  • Presentation & interactive workhops on transformation of the Digital Workplace
  • Keynotes of participants on information integration and the Digital Workplace

IC5 ECS Benefits & KPI

September 2016


  • Presentation & interactive Workshop on Benefits Management
  • Keynotes of participants on KPI, Digital Workplace and GDPR

IC4 Use Cases & Collaboration Scenarios

April 2016


  • Presentation & interactive Workshop on identification of Use Cases & Scenarios
  • Demonstration of a task management tool
  • Keynote of participants on the Digital Workplace

IC3 Social Business Documents & Social Collaboration Analytics

November 2015


  • Introduction of methods: eXperience & Milestory
  • Lecture & focus groups on long-term Social Content Management
  • Keynote on Social Collaboration Analytics followed by a design activity

IC2 Top 3 Challenges & Successes

Juli 2015


  • Mini Barcamp
  • Keynotes of participants
  • Tips and tricks for the usage of Enterprise Collaboration Systems

IC1 Social Business Readiness

April 2015


  • Creative Thinking Sessions
  • Presentation of the Social Business Readiness Survey
  • Lecture & interactive workshop on Social Business Readiness
  • Lectures on Use Cases, Social Business Documents & Benefits Management
… and more