IC17 17th IndustryConnect Workshop

Planned for Q4/2023

IC16 The collaboration platform from the perspective of social documents

March 2023


IC15 Long-Term Management of Social Content

April 2022


IC14 Hybrid Working Readiness

December 2021


IC13 Strategies for Integrated Collaboration Platforms

July 2021


IC12 Knowledge Base for the Ditigal Workplace

November 2020


IC11 Enterprise Collaboration – The Next Generation

April 2020


IC10 Community Management in Enterprise Collaboration Systems

April 2019


IC9 Benefits Realisation Management & Social Collaboration Analytics

October 2018


IC8 Future Digital Workplace

April 2018


  • Lecture on the challenges and findings of adopting ECS ​​in international companies
  • Summary of drivers, barriers, motivation & painpoints of participating companies and their representatives
  • Presentation & interactive workshop on Digital Workplace Design

IC7 Social Process Mining

September 2017


  • Lectures on the topics of works council (German: “Betriebsrat”) & GDPR and the transformation of digital work
  • Demonstration of the Social Content Dashboard made by CEIR
  • Presentation & interactive workshop on Use Cases and Social Process Mining
  • Presentation & interactive workshop on the development of a holistic digital workplace for everyone

IC6 Information Integration & Socio-Technical Change

April 2017


  • Presentation & interactive workshops on information integration
  • Presentation & interactive workhops on transformation of the Digital Workplace
  • Keynotes of participants on information integration and the Digital Workplace

IC5 ECS Benefits & KPI

September 2016


  • Presentation & interactive Workshop on Benefits Management
  • Keynotes of participants on KPI, Digital Workplace and GDPR

IC4 Use Cases & Collaboration Scenarios

April 2016


  • Presentation & interactive Workshop on identification of Use Cases & Scenarios
  • Demonstration of a task management tool
  • Keynote of participants on the Digital Workplace

IC3 Social Business Documents & Social Collaboration Analytics

November 2015


  • Introduction of methods: eXperience & Milestory
  • Lecture & focus groups on long-term Social Content Management
  • Keynote on Social Collaboration Analytics followed by a design activity

IC2 Top 3 Challenges & Successes

Juli 2015


  • Mini Barcamp
  • Keynotes of participants
  • Tips and tricks for the usage of Enterprise Collaboration Systems

IC1 Social Business Readiness

April 2015


  • Creative Thinking Sessions
  • Presentation of the Social Business Readiness Survey
  • Lecture & interactive workshop on Social Business Readiness
  • Lectures on Use Cases, Social Business Documents & Benefits Management
… and more