16th IndustryConnect-Workshop


Thursday| 30st March 2023

Online-Workshop: The collaboration platform from the perspective of social documents

09:00 - 09:55

  • Welcome to the 16th IndustryConnect Workshop
    Petra Schubert & Susan Williams
  • Introduction of new participants
    Moderation: Sebastian Bahles
  • Speed (Up)dating
    What has happened with the participants since the last workshop?
    Moderation: Sebastian Bahles
  • Impuls: Dual Core for the collaboration platform
    Parallel use of MS Teams and HCL Connections at an IndustryConnect member company

09:55 - 10:00


10:00 - 11:00

  • The collaboration platform from the perspective of social documents
    Structured overview of the concept of social documents in MS Teams and HCL Connections
    Julian Mosen 
  • [Activity & discussion] Design of a collaboration platform
    Targeted use of collaboration tools in concrete use cases
    Julian Mosen, Söhnke Grams, Jennifer Gerbl
  • Summary and outlook
    Petra Schubert & Susan Williams


End of 16th IndustryConnect Workshop
[Discussion] Optional and open discussions until 11:30 a.m.


  • The results of the workshops will be available on UniConnect in the closed community of IndustryConnect
  • Registration for the workshop is open to members in our closed online community.
  • The impressions of the event are recorded in sound and image. The recording is needed as a backup for the transcript and will be deleted afterwards.

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Prof. Dr. Petra Schubert


Petra Schubert is a Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Koblenz. She is the Director of the Competence Centre for Collaboration Technologies (UCT) and is co-founder of IndustryConnect. She is an expert in conducting industry research and co-developed the eXperience case study methodology. Her research interests are in the area of Enterprise Systems with a specific focus on large-scale software systems such as enterprise resource planning and collaboration systems.

Prof. Dr. Susan P. Williams


Sue Williams is a Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Koblenz. She is head of the Enterprise Information Management Research Group and its two research labs, the Information Design Lab and the Enterprise of Things Lab and is co-founder of IndustryConnect. She is an interdisciplinary researcher with expertise in the areas of social and organisational informatics. Her research examines complex socio-technical change (STC) and the use-centred design of information artefacts and the digital workplace.

Sebastian Bahles

Research Assistant

Sebastian Bahles is a research assistant at the Center for Enterprise Information Research (CEIR) at the University of Koblenz and is Managing Director of the University Competence Center for Collaboration Technologies  (UCT). In addition he works as a lecturer for Enterprise Collabroation at the Euro-FH Hamburg. His research focuses on community management and workspace types in enterprise collaboration systems.

Dr. Söhnke Grams

Research Assistant

Dr. Söhnke Grams is a Research Assistant in the Business Software Research Group at the University of Koblenz. He holds a degree in Business Administration (equivalent to Master) of the FHDW Hanover and graduated with a Master´s degree in Marketing and Channel Management at the University Göttingen. Following his studies, he worked as World Wide Community Coordinator at Ubisoft Blue Byte. His current research focuses on Benefit Realisation Management of Enterprise Collaboration Systems.

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